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88Joogers Express Zambia is a subsidiary of Eighty Eight Joogers Online Market Place Limited. Our services includes, local and international shipping,  procurement from China and Turkey and their subsequent shipment to Zambia.


In this part of the world, ecommerce has not been smoothly going because majority of online shoppers are not willing to make payment before getting their orders. Likewise, sellers are not willing to send products to buyers before receiving their money, all because of lack of trust. This has made a lot of online orders unsuccessful.

Our mission is to help sellers deliver their product(s) to their customers and also help them collect money for the same product(s) AT THE POINT OF DELIVERY. We are here to remove trust issues between buyers and sellers in regard to payment before or after delivery. We are here to make every order a successful delivery. No more wasted orders!


(Pick-up/drop-off centers)

Our pick-up/drop-off centers scatters across the Zambia, contact us to get the one closest to you. However we are still not present in some places, but it is work in progress. Our Lusaka center is at Shop No 5, Plot 36037 Along Ring Road, Tokyo Way, Kamwala, Lusaka.


Contraband goods, illegal goods, counterfeits are not allowed, if caught, you will face the appropriate law. Goods must be in good shape and well packaged before dropping off at our centers. We have the sole right not to accept any parcel we consider in-appropriate. There is absolutely no refund, so ensure your customer's seriousness and readiness before shipping to them. Your parcel will be returned after 10 days if your customer fails to pickup. Goods damaged by your customer will not be accounted for by us, goods traced to be damaged before they were sent to us for delivery will not be accounted for by us. The amount you declared for your goods cannot be reversed. The higher the declaration, the higher the charges irrespective of weight. Volumetric weight are considered for parcels that come in box. calculation: weight = Length x Height x Width/5,000 


Charges are based on the weight and amount declared. Contact us or visit our center to know more. Whatsapp us


Contact us through Whatsapp 24/7

Our Lusaka center is at Shop No 5, Plot 36037 Along Ring Road, Tokyo Way, Kamwala Lusaka.


1. Q: How long does it takes for my parcel to deliver outside Lusaka?

     Ans: Maximum three days, your parcel will be ready for pickup.

2.  Q: After delivery, how long does it takes before i get my money?

    Ans: It takes three days. This is because we want to be sure your customer got what you both agreed on.

3. Q: Do you ship goods of any weight within Zambia?

     Ans: No, the maximum weight we can handle for now is 10kgs and not worth more than 10,000 Kwachas. But for China shipment, we cover any weight and size.

4. Q: Can I pay shipping charges after delivery?

     Ans: No, it is payment before shipping.

5. Q What happens if my goods get missing?

     Ans: We will try all means to find it but if we can't, we bare the responsibility.

6. Q: Can I become you pickup/drop-off center if i have a shop in my city/town?

     Ans: Yes, it is possible. Click on this link https://wa.link/z7mtpz to chat us for more information

7. Q: Do you cover every cities and towns in Zambia?

     Ans: No, we have some places we have not covered but we are working on it.

8. Q: Do you have a separate website and App?

     Ans: No for now, but they are work in progress


Whatsapp: https://wa.link/z7mtpz

Physical address: Shop No 5, Plot 36037 Along Ring Road, Tokyo Way, Kamwala Lusaka.


88Joogers Express Zambia is only leveraging on 88joogers.com, it is an entity on its own, liable to its own actions and inactions.


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